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About us:

The main mission of our organization - is to open gates of International Volunteering for Hosts and Volunteers worldwide!
We are based in Russia, so most of our participants are from CIS Countries. They are passionate helpers, travellers and self-developers!

Also we cooperate with many Events, Camps and Projects which need International Volunteers in Russia and worldwide!
Our Organization is a bridge between International Hosts which need Volunteers and Volunteers who wants to take part in the International Volunteering Projects!

Our projects:


Invite a Volunteer 

If you have a project where you can Host Volunteers from worldwide we will be happy to find a suitable volunteer for you any time you need help!
We can also put information about your project to our database of projects and will cooperate on a permanent basis.
We add projects which give free housing and free meals in return for given help (Some required small donations are also possible).

I need a Volunteer

Invite a Volunteer team

We also organize Volunteer Team Trips to the projects where Hosts need big scope of help instantly or where there is a permanent necessity for many  helpers/
We usually come as a team of 8-12 people for 2-4 weeks and work hard for your project ;)
All we ask for our help is free accomodation and simple food.

I need a Volunteer Team

Volunteering in Russia

We cooperate with many projects, organizations and events around Russia and CIS. All these projects are interested in having International Volunteers!
So if you want to travel around Russia, to have some new cultural experience and give help on some project - Welcome!
Organizers provide free meals, housing and sometimes pocket money for their Volunteers!


Take part in one of Vhelp projects in Russia

How it works?


      Plan for hosts​:

Plan for volunteers:


Get in touch with us​


We discuss what kind of help you need


We find volunteers for you


Make sure they are suitable




Get in touch with us​


We discuss what kind of project you want to participate

We find project for you


Make sure you like it




Get involved now!


Everything Is free for you!​


We will get back to you within
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